check out this post by Paul Thurrott on Leopard and its “New” features. two favourite quotes:

  1. Time Machine. “With Mac OS X Leopard and Time Machine … you can go back in time to recover anything you’ve ever backed up. Time Machine’s time-based browser [lets you] see a snapshot of how your entire system looked on any given day — file by file.” Wow, neat. It was especially neat when Microsoft included it in Windows Server 2003 over three years ago and called it Volume Shadow Copy. And yes, Windows Vista has it too, built right-in. It even has the backup stuff. Obviously.

  2. Mail 3.0. This might just be my favorite one, because even a normal person will see this for the BS hyperbole it is (Time Machine will fool people that don’t know any better). Leopard’s Mail includes breakthrough new features that have never been seen before in a Mail application: Mail Stationery, templates, Mail Notes, To Dos [with iCal integration], and RSS news feed [compatibility].” I keep waiting for someone else to laugh. Those aren’t seriously the “new” features are they?

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