The Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC AKA origami) has been announced. Very cool stuff! lots of links too:

<a id=posttitle691041678 href=”” target=_blank>Samsung’s Q1 ultramobile PC</a> [engadget]

<a id=posttitle691041676 href=”” target=_blank>Live from CeBIT: Samsung, Founder, ASUS UMPC / Origami devices</a> [engadget]

<a id=posttitle691041668 href=”” target=_blank>So what is Origami? We’ll tell ya.</a> [engadget]

<a id=posttitle689854714 href=”” target=_blank>Origami UI on CeBIT web site</a> [engadget]

Otto Berkes – Origami’s Architect gives first look at Ultramobile PCs [channel 9 video]

Lots more info will be online somewhere over the course of the day, so keep your eyes pealed…