Ok. i had a problem with one of my machines. i could not open the administrator tools in the control pannel. i needed to get to the computer managment tool. so, here is a list of all the Microsoft Managment Console tools available in Windows XP SP2 on my laptop. this may be different in other versions, so leave a comment if i either miss one, or if one is not there.
certmgr.msc: Certificate
ciadv.msc: Indexing Service
compmgmt.msc: Computer Management
devmgmt.msc: Device Management
dfrg.msc: Defrag
diskmgmt.msc: Disk Management
eventvwr.msc: Event Viewer
fsmgmt.msc: Shared Folders
gpedit.msc: Group Policy
lusrmgr.msc: Local Users and groups
ntmsmgr.msc: Removable Storage
ntmsoprq.msc: Removable Storage Operator Requests
perfmon.msc: Performance Monitor
secpol.msc: Security Settings
services.msc: services
SQLServerManagermsc: SQL server Manager
wmimgmt.msc: windows management Infrastructure

to run these, you just type in the name of the file into either the start/run dialog, or in the command prompt. hope this helps! well, it did help me!