“One should never think before one posts.”

One should never think before one posts. That’s been my big blunder. And one should never ever ever rewrite, fine-tune, or God forbid edit the post, either. As a blogger, you should form a picture in your mind of a man drinking a cup of coffee. Then imagine that he suddenly feels a dead fly on his tongue and here you’ll see your role model. Let your words spew forth with speed and velocity, out of reflex and not reflection. Let them fly without any possibility of ever taking them back. And when challenged, insist that the challenger is lucky that you don’t sue somebody, and if he or she thinks you’re going to help clean that up, they’re crazy. <div align=right>

Source: yellowtext: Oh…Hi! I didn’t see you standing there! </div>

Amen, blog brother (with thanks to Quirk Blog for the pointer). I wonder if I need to go on a Month of Blogging, complete with t-shirts, spewing here daily like a sort of NaBlogWriMo?

One should never put blogging on a pedestal, really. I mean, while I do aspire to doing some real writing (when I’m not so busy with work, as I have been of late), my blog-a-day writing shouldn’t be all that painful. It looks like my server’s on its last legs and the act of posting itself takes forever, so belaboring the actual content so much just puts the last straw on the shaven yak’s back.

So, here goes… posty posty post, as they say on LiveJournal. (Well, I seem to remember someone saying that anyway.)


Hmmm. if only it worked like that! I know if i did blog like that i would loose readers and would be laughed at a lot. i do, how ever, only modify my posts a little. sorry for blogging both posts. too lazy!