I am sitting here listening to 2fm over the internet here and i have to use Real Player. So i installed Real Player 10, and it supports a few neat features i would like Windows Media Player to have. if its a streaming live, you can pause the playback. it can also buffer what your listening or watching too. so, if you want, you can go back and relisten to something. or rewatch something. you can set how long you want it to be buffered for too. now that would be cool for WMP! Not only that, if its non live, on demand, content, it will download the whole thing, if it has the bandwidth, so you can fastforward and rewind too! now thats a cool feature, but depending on the content, WMP can do that. idealy, what i would like is the ability to tell it to record a particular stream at a given time for a given amount of time, and the ability to copy that to a device. so, for example, i could tell it to record 2FM between 9am and 12am, or when ever, and then listen to it when i want. like tivo for radio. But there are TV Channels broadcast over the web too, which being tipical, i cant find one! i was checking the BBC which i was nearly sure had a link on their front page to one of the live streaming TV Channels, but i cant find it which is tipical! anyway, just my mad ideas, which is probably just me and a mad idea, which is also something someone else more then likly had before me!