Novell has just said that SCO may not have a case as such. Quote from the register article:

“Novell has launched another foray at the heart of The SCO Group’s case against IBM, the 1995 contract in which SCO says Novell gave it the rights to UNIXâ.¢ and derivative works.

Without the contract, SCO is simply another UNIXâ.¢ licensee and has no grounds to pursue its case against IBM, and by extension, Linux users everywhere. SCO is already retreating from its claims to ownership of AT&T’s System V, some rights to which subsequently fell into Novell’s hands, but which SCO insists fall under the 1995 agreement. This, SCO says, gives it the rights to control derivative works. But as a sub-sub-licensee, says Novell, SCO is hardly in a position to bully anyone. Who’s right? “

need i say who i hope is right? The article is here.