Nokias new Communicator, the 9500, has been outed! the specs of which looks quite sweet:

FOR THOSE WANTING the full specs on the latest Wi-Fi enabled Communicator, the 9500, Nokia has added about every feature you can imagine.

*Besides 802.11b, there is also support for EDGE as well as the anticipated GPRS. There\’s 80Mb of memory too, and the ability to switch between two colour display types – 128 x 128 (old Series 40) and 640 x 200 pixels for the Series 80. *

The inquirer has more <a href="">here</a>. This definatly sounds like a sweet phone. but with them specs, its more a palm top/mini laptop then a phone. i wonder is there a way of adding memory, like a CF slot or something. Thats one thing i would like it to have. also, wonder if it will loook like its previous brothers before it. [update] more info on <a href=",1522,,00.html?orig=/phones/9500">nokia\’s site too</a>! went to the site to see if there was info, expecting not to find anything, and found this! SWEET! [update number 2] yea! this thing rocks! its got an MMC card, Office suite, J2Me and More! I WANT!!!