I just got my self a new wireless keyboard and optical mouse. the Microsoft Optical Desktop Elete. So, this is what im going to be using at home, but i am currently using it in work for testing and seeing how good it actually is. MAN this rocks! the mouse feals so cool and the scroll on it is a lot nicer. there is also a scroll on the keyboard and it has build in hand rest on it. all keys feal cool, and there are a load of short cut keys too. both scroll wheels have that tilt action, which makes getting around large sites very easy. also the mouse has the usual buttons, but also two at the side: one for go forward on a web page, and one for go back. i havent had that on a mouse for ages! there are also back and forward buttons on the keyboard. dedicated log off button on the keyboard, a sleep button and a direct link to calculator! My Documents, My Pictures, My Music, Mail, Web/Home and Messenger buttons are there too, plus some favourtes. these can be web pages or applications. all very cool. i will be posting photos later. i am one happy chappy! :)