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The register usually don’t have a lot to say on their syndicated RSS feed.

anyway, the new systems from Unisys range

from a 4 way Xeon system all the way to a 32 way system. The following from the


The two classic midrange systems are the ES7000</p>

Aries 510 and 520 servers. The Aries 510 holds between 4 and 8 Xeon chips

from Intel, supports one domain and has 8 I/O slots. The 520 can fit up to

16 Xeons, support two domains and has 16 I/O slots.

The larger Orion 530 and 540 servers stretch up to 32 Xeons each. Both

systems have 32 I/O slots available and can support at least two domains

with the 540 supporting up to 4 domains.

A 4-way system starts at $35,000 and runs up to $750,000 for a 32-way



Interesting. I want! Now all i need is 3/4 of a million dollars for the

server, and hopefully i can get Linux running on it so I don’t have to pay an

other 750,000 for the OS! :P