Just got a new template for the page, and i think it looks pretty cool if i do say so my self. Just testing it with IE6, Opera 7.1 and Mozilla 1.3 and all make it looks grand. All are running on win2k, and at a resolution of 1280*1024. I have also tested it at 1024*768 and 800*600 (same machine, just set the Res different) and they both look OK, but i would recomend 1024*768. So what do you think? I got the template from Blog Styles.com. I think it looks pretty cool anyway, and i got my blogroll working again, added my stats button and also a stats thing at the side telling total entries and comments. I have to fix my syndication links, but thats easy to do. Post comments if you like! :P and if you dont, tell me. Also, hows it looking on other browsers? i have a mac emulator here somewhere and ill test it on that in a sec. Just checked it on the mac emu (Running Mac OS 8.1 with IE 4.01 for the mac, emulated 68040 with 64mb ram with 800*600 resolution) and it looks naff! So i now know it aint liking a mac!!! :P