the register are reporting that Lycos Europe have a new screen saver that is used to send lots of data to servers that are known spam servers. Ok. in one way this sounds interesting. in an other, it could be a pain in the ass. Take me as an example. because i run a mail server from home, some times because its classed as a cable modem and ISPs known its a cable modem, so do the spam haters. if they register all cable modems as posible spamming machines, this could cause havoc with my network. Not only that, this is going to produice bucket loads of traffic thats just going to be useless. the article states that with 10 million screen saver installs, it works out at 33TB of useless data. who foots the bill? ISP probably, who will enforce caps on broadband users and then its the users who foot the bill. the good side is it could kill s afew spam servers. hmmm.