So, if you have been living under a rock, Macworld starts today and the the keynote is available here. Apple has announced a new macbook with a dual core intel proc, a new imac (which i likes) with, again a dual core intel proc, some new software (new iWork and iLife with iWeb) and a new copy of iTunes. very cool stuff. hopefully i got enough of the links in here! Ohhh, and new updates to .Mac too. random question: is the core duo 64bit? still watching the keynote, but someone said it runs windows (Engadget said it, not me, but i will be sold if it works with windows!) [update] new inline remote for the ipod too with a radio. not sure about the radio part, but the remote could be handy… [update 2] TUAW has a bit on the imac running windows, which nobody knows if it can yet… [update 3] incase i did miss something, Engadget have a round up of todays news here.

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