So, it has been a couple of weeks since i last posted the status of the upgrade… In those weeks, i have finilized the parts list, started ordering stuff, and stuff has started arriving! But first, some news about the Mac Pro… you all though it was dead… I though it was dead… then i cleaned the graphics card, and, well, its working again…. but, and this is a big but, the graphics card is still over heating… pain in the arse… going to try replace the Graphics card and use it as a server… more on that later.

So, Final parts list:

  1. Mobo and Chips – Went with the Intel S5520SC and E5520 processors. Ordered them and they arrived a few weeks ago. Unboxing photos here.
  2. Coolers: Went with non Watercooling… kind of chickened out at the idea of water flowing around a couple of grands worth of computer… Went with the Noctua NH-U12 DX. Photos and Unboxing here.
  3. Case: Antec P193
  4. HDDs: Boot: 2 x WD Velociraptor 300Gbs Data: Currently 2 1Tb WD Black Editions
  5. Graphics: Asus GeForce 275 with 896Mb Ram
  6. Powe Supply: Corsair HX-1000w
  7. Memory: 12Gb Kingston (Still waiting on this…)

Photos of the first part of the build are up here, Once the memory arrives, i will fill in the HDDs, grab a DVDR from somewhere and stick that in and hook up some monitors. We can then start testing this bad boy!