So, i am now in the process of finding the bits so i can order the machine… Waiting for money to clear in to my bank account (hopefully by Thursday) and then into the Credit Card (Friday). Then i can start ordering!

Some things i have been looking into since the last update:

The case has changed 3 times… Originally i was looking at the SilverStone TJ07, but cant seem to get my hands on it anywhere… Then I was looking at their Raven RV01… Then this morning i found the Antec P193… and now i am thinking The Thermaltake Kandalf VD4000BWS… and its water cooled!!! This thing looks like a bit of a beast… It has:

  • 360x120mm radiator in the front
  • 500l/hr pump
  • all the stuff needed to water cool the machine (need to get a second cooler for the CPU… and might have to change the first one also… no mention of the Socket 1366 support)
  • 9 5.25