So, Apple today had their big notebook announcement, and they released 3 new laptops and a display… To start with, the MacBook and Pro look very much the same. NVidia graphics in them, Core 2 Duos, etc. Check the product pages for more. The AIR gets a speed bump and more SSD (128gb) too, and also NVidia graphics. So, all is well and good. they look nice, have the power, etc, and move to display port, but, 2 things I have been looking for in the last few weeks is missing… Dual external  monitor support and docking stations…

Now, let me explain why. I have my big Mac Pro sitting at home, and its nice and powerful. I also have a couple of servers too, and then my Tiny Laptop also. the Tiny laptop does a very nice job, but I would really like something extra with a bit more power. I have started to use the laptop as my main laptop in work, and I actually have it plugged into my KVM switch so I can use my keyboard, monitor and mouse with it. and for something this small, its actually quite powerful. but I want more.

Visual Studio does run on it, but it takes a fair amount of time to compile some applications. I want a laptop with the following type of specs:

  • Dual external monitor support: I have 2 monitors in work and 2 on my desk at home. ideally, I would like to run both of them from one laptop
  • Docking station, or similar. when I get into work, to “dock