Ok. So, in the next few days im getting my self a new PDA, Phone and Laptop, and soon a wireless router. So, specs: Laptop will be a Dell Inspiron 510M with 1.5Gz Pentium M Processor (1Mb L2 Cache), 384mb ram DDR 2700 or 333Mhz in 2 DIMMS (128 and 256), 30Gb hdd, CDR and DVDRom, and some other stuff. more when i get it and fully figure it out. it comes with 802.11g wifi built in, and I’m ordering the bluetooth adapter too. the PDA is a Dell Axim x30, 624Mhz XScale processor with WMMX, 64Mb ROM, 64Mb RAM, Bluetooth and Wifi, Win2k3 PPC Second Edition. SD and SDIO too. finally, the phone. I-Mate smartphone 2, 32mb RAM, 64mb ROM, Windows 2003 smartphone edition, 132Mhz processor, built in camera. and, in a couple of weeks im getting a new wireless router. This will also replace the current hardware router in on my network. im getting a Linksys WRT54G. this is quite a cool router. 802.11G, 4 port 10/100 switch, WAN connection, and its hackable! both the phone and PDA have SD slots, but the phone does not take SDIO AFAIK. If it does i could, in theory, get a wifi SDIO card for it and connect to the internal network with my phone, but that might be overkill. Anyway, when i get it ill post photos. ordering the PDA and laptop on Tuesday, and phone either same day or Wendsday. think it takes a few days for delevery from dell, and same with Expansys . This should be fun!