I was just accepted for a Fas course in Baldoyle. Its a Software developer traineeship and i learn Java, which i have wanted to do for some time now, i also become MS Certified, in what i dont know yet, and i also get a few weeks (12 or 13 i think) in work experiance. So, I start on Wendaday 23rd April, but i dont finish college till about May 12th i think. so theres going to have to be some strings pulled there!!! :P Im to see them tommorow and ill be in college wendsday. Ohhh, and i forgot to mention i actually did the Aptitude Test with them, an SRA Aptitude test which was weird because the hard questions (fill in the flow diagram, maths, formulas and number questions) where quite easy, the the easy-ish ones (English questions) where hard! its mad! im a proper programmer! :P