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Posted by pudge on Monday April 28, @02:08PM

from the mmmmm-usic dept.

Steve Jobs took to the stage at Moscone Center today for a special Apple Event,

and introduced Apple’s new music service, "iTunes Music Store," which will allow

users to download music in the AAC format for $.99 per song, and is built-in to

iTunes 4. The service offers 200,000

tracks and counting, with unlimited CD burning for personal use. iTunes 4 also

adds playlist sharing, and the new iPod

add new features, including a new design, a dock, and USB 2.0.</font>

Hmmmm. looks sweet!!! Pity there aint a version for Windows. If i where to

get an MP3 Player, the iPod definatly looks like a good choise. and now with up

to 30Gb of space, its a real nice choice! :P