Iomega are to unveil a new removable 2.5″ HD unit. This will be like the Jazz disc but will hold 35Gb! Not only that, it will be slightly larger then a pack of cards. the article i read is here and it links to one here. dont expect this in the next few weeks. they say early 2004. BTW, its known as RRD (Removable Rigid Disk). Also, will be available in USB and ATAPI at launch and Serial ATA during Q3 of 2004. Pretty neet! Expencive though @ $9.66 per Gig. compare that with CDR @ about 87.5 EURO CENT per Gig, and Hard drvies at a little over EUR1.50 a Gig. Mind you, you cant just drag your hdd out and bring it somewhere. this allows you to.