Gentoo have 3 new projects, or updates to projects or something, and they all look cool. Firstly, Gentoo 2004. Gentoo will be released every 3 months (quarter yearly). more info on their Roadmap for gentoo linux 2004 page. secondly, they have started work on portage-ng. more info on their portage project page and here too. finaly they have catalyst. this is cool. Catalyst allows you to build your own live cds, gentoo releases and game Cds! SWEET! i wanted one of these for making a gentoo DVD with live stuff (xwindows, gnome, open office, mozilla and other things, including java) and a load of packages too. this way i could use it in work (which is stuck with windows at the moment) and at home for installing systems. the catalyst page is here. the current copy allows you to build GRP sets but game cds and live cds will be available by the end of the year.