Right. i have gentoo working on my main workstation. i have the mac running OS 9, soon to be 9.2.2, and then X, and the server runs redhat Linux 9, ATM. im going to backup all the stuff on the server to my workstation, format the server and install gentoo on to it, get the stuff on the workstation BACK to the server and then leave the server the way it is. i want gentoo cause of a few reasons: 1, its cooler, 2, its on my workstation so they are very simular (no typing wrong commands like emerge filename on the redhat box or apt-get install filename on the gentoo box) and finally 3 because redhat 9 will be unsupported in April 2004 and im too lazy to install Fedora and have to upgrade that when it becomes unsupported! finally, im installing gentoo on the secondary workstation / server. not sure what to call this yet. its technically a workstation since it was my workstation once, but became obsoleat when i got my new box. it could act as a server, but the server i have ATM does the job and thats only DNS and Proxy server and some file sharing. so not sure yet. What i am interested in is this diskless howto over at gentoo and how to use windows as a distcc server for linux. its not the best idea since the only machine now on the network that runs windows is my sisters P2 266, but its a start. i can add 2 266Mhz systems, a 1.3Gz linux box, a 700Mhz duron server and my dual 2gz athlon in for building stuff. might not make a speed improvment on the workstation, but for the 700 duron or the 1.3gz athlon, its handy! sorry for the waffelly post, but im tired. i think more when im tired and type stupid things. sorry!