Wahoo! BlogJet beta 14 has been released. some nice improvments, but most important is the code view! handy. i just downloaded it and installed it.

Download it here

<a href=”http://blogjet.com/download/” target=_blank>Release notes</a>:
BlogJet BETA Release Notes
February 11, 2004

* HTML source editor with highlighting and code completion.
* Indent/Outdent (for those who use <BLOCKQUOTE>’s).
* Link text and target in Insert Hyperlink dialog.
* Post Properties (allow comments/pings) for MovableType, Blogware and TypePad.
* Link insertion with drag-and-drop.
* Hotkeys for top-level menus.
* New progress indicator.
* New sweet icons for categories.
* New About window.
* DasBlog support.

* Fixed issues with View History in TypePad.
* Deleting entry now forces blog republish.
* Fixed issues with images path.
* Fixed deleting post which is being edited.
* Fixed various bugs with Micro Editing mode.
* Minor fixes.