Ok. i think i could get that board in about 2 3 weeks and a bit. this week i will have 140 saved. next week it becomes 205 and then the week after that. its either the 5th or the 12 of june. i forgot the Vodafone bill arives tomorrow. ughhhh! now with the bluetooth, it should make my bill go down because the main thing i used on the bill this month was internet for downloading email on the phone, which i can do now with the bluetooth. i can still get email outside the house with GPRS, but i wont be downloading 2-300k files with it! :P i was going to get the one on peats, but its gone. i would have been able to get that next week! the vodafone bill is due 7june, but is issued on the 21may (tomorrow). i get ~2 weeks to pay. not bad i supose. ill pay it all at once and make things quicker. cant wait for the board! wahoo!