I was just printing something out (directions, a map, and the open/closed times of a nearby bike shop) from a web page when it dawned on me that a really cool app would be a printer driver that sends whatever it is you’re printing to your phone. Maybe even as an SVG document, so you could zoom, etc., or if not, just as a decent resolution JPG so you could view all the data without problems.

The computer could send the file to the phone via Bluetooth, or maybe just “auto-post” the data to a website somewhere to be retreived later when you need it. That’d be *really* useful, no?




[Russell Beattie Notebook] i just read this idea and its a good one. so good i have tried it. not yet on my 7650 but on my clie. im using the mac to print my files as PDF files, send them to the clie using Adobe’s actobat for the Palm and away i go! russell was right in his second post on this matter about the macs having support to print to PDF (well it may be 10.3 only). im going to try this PDF+ for my phone and see if it works well too. good idea none the less!