I just checked my local area connection status and my machine has been connected to the lan for the last 1 day, 2 hours. i disconnected the lan last night for testing my phone and internet connection though bluetooth. anyway, the mnachine has recived 4.3million packets and sent 2.3million in 26 hours!!! the router is reporting 10.2 million send and 14 million recived. thats for a while now. not sure when that was last reconnected or turned off or what ever. my server is weird though. its recived 5.3 million packets and sent 5.8million, but it has also sent its self and recived from its self a futher 1.8 million packets! not sure about the rest of the network. need a proper SNMP monitoring software. have my workstation and server with SNMP enabled and checking them all the time. my router has no SNMP capabilities and i have to install it on my mam and sisters comptuers. just to see what they are up to. :>