So, last weekend, i got my self a Nokia N800, which i have been wanting for quite some time now, and I have got to say its a very nice devicce. I am currently using it for posting this blog post using a bluetooth keyboard, and i got to admin, its very sweet!  i have it talking to my Wifi network at home, connection via HSDPA on my HTC TyTNII and using the GPS of the Nokia N95 (more on that later). SO far, so good.


Couple of things i am looking forward to: Fennec (the new Mozilla browser), proper Bluetooth PAN Support (its currently a hack, and although it works, its flakey…) and a newer flash version. the version on the device plays youtube videos quite well, but other flash video sites stutter a lot… I have to get me a few extra memory cards for it (currently got a 1gb and a 256mb card, but it will take 16gb cards, i am told!).

Anyway, more on the N800 later. questions,, leave a comment.