Seems that its the time of year to be doing top 10s of different things, so i though i would do a top 10 of iPhone and iPad apps. They are not listed in any particular order, since i am kind of lazy, but here we go:

image Evernote: iPhone and iPad. this is probably the best note taking app i have used in a while. it links with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, aswell as on the desktop and web. as long as you have an internet connection (or have synced your notes) they are with you always! very handy for college.
image Twitter: iPhone and iPad: Very handy app. lets you read your messages and @Replies, and also has built in notifications for them. iPad app is quite stunning also… Very cool stuff…
image iStudiez Pro: iPhone and iPad: I use this for tracking college classes, projects, etc. very handy stuff… only one thing missing: Sync between iPad and iPhone… but still very cool.
image DropBox: iPhone and iPad: sync files between your pcs, cloud and mobiles… very cool stuff. still only got a 2gb account, but still very worth it!
image AirDisplay: iPhone and iPad: Already talked about this on the blog before. Well worth the cost!
image WolframAlpha: iPhone and iPad: originally had a rediculous price tag when it came out (think it was about $50!) but the new lower price (currently EUR0.79) is a lot more managable.
image ShutterSnitch: iPhone and iPad: this is a very sweet piece of software. If you have an EyeFi Card (i have the x2 pro) you can set up ShutterSnitch to take the photos out of the air as they are being sent! very cool stuff… Check out this post on F-Stoppers showing you how to set it up. Very cool stuff.
image FlipBoard: iPad only: Very, very nice way of seeing your world on an iPad. connects to Google Reader, Twitter, FaceBook and more and creates an interactive “news paper” for you to read. very cool!
image Eye-Fi: iPhone/iPod touch only (could work with iPad but no camera…): If you have an Eye-Fi card, you know how cool it is… sending your photos to your machine wirelessly… its like magic… now, if you have an Eye-Fi account, you can run this tool on the iPhone/iPod touch and send your photos wirelessly to your desktop, or anywhere else for that matter! very handy!
image NightTime Plus: iPhone/iPod Touch only (could work with iPad, but not designed for it). this is a pretty handy piece of kit. i have had it installed on my iPod Touch for a good while now. its basically a large clock for your iDevice so you can see it at night. my iPod docks in a Philips alarm clock/iPod dock, and with this, i can see it from across the room without too much effort…