i dont think ill ever fully switch to a mac, yet, but heres the story why i use it more now then ever!

Well, firstly, this is my first mac. i got a second hand iMac G3 333Mhz with 32mb ram and a 6gb HDD. the cdrom drive in it was banjaxed when i got it so i bought a new one, and upgraded the ram to 288mb. it originally had mac os 8.1 on it and after a lot of downloading i got 8.6 installed and running. i then went looking for a copy of 9 and found one (second hand off someone who had upgraded) and installed that. i then upgraded again (after more downloading) to 9.2.2.

9.2.2 was an ok OS, but i really wanted to get my hands on a copy of OSX so i got 10.2 off an other friend who had just upgraded to 10.3 and after about an hour, was running 10.2.8 (more downloading). 10.2.8 was a really sweet system. it worked quite well, looked really nice and was fast too! then came 10.3.
i got a student copy of 10.3 and installed this. since there wasent a lot of stuff on the mac from 10.2 (lack of hard drive space more then anything) i just did a clean install. man this is now really sweet. it seems faster then 10.2, and the expose is quite cool. so, why wont i fully switch yet though and why am i using it a lot for the last while?

I wont be switching fully anytime soon because of my workstation. its a Dual Athlon 2.0Gz (2400+) system with 1gb ram, 120gb HDD and runs linux. it has a 128mb NVidia graphics card, DVDR drive and a lot of other cool things. i have spend a fortune on the system and wont be giving that up anytime soon. i use it for development, email, web browsing and some other stuff. but why use the mac?
Well the mac just rocks. it looks cool, feels cool and even though its quite slow at things, it seems fast. im planning an upgrade by about February to bring the mac up to a G4 466. ill hopefully still have the pc then, but `i think the only time ill be upgrading fully to a mac will be with a dual G5 :P