Sorry for the extremely long title! :) anyway, I found this post over at MSMobiles which talks about how to setup your Windows Mobile Phone as a Wifi Access point. This is very cool! I have been wanting to do this for a while now. The reason is simple: the 2 big mobile providers here in Ireland (Vodafone and O2) have recently released broadband packages using a HSDPA modem. the packages vary (O2 offer 10Gb, and Vodafone offer 5Gb, but at 3.8mb/S) but they are pretty much the same price (20EUR for the first 3 months, and 40EUR a month after that). Anyway, I have been thinking about getting this.

But the problem is its a USB modem. So, anything I have (XDA Exec, Dell Axim, PSP, E61), (or anything I am getting) that doesn’t have a USB connection (*cough* N800, iPod Touch *cough*) wont work directly out of the box with it. Also, it means I have to carry around a laptop. I know I can set up a personal Wifi network using the laptop, but it means carrying around the laptop, which can be a pain… Anyway, if this works as planed, which I am still working on testing, I will be extremely happy! fingers crossed!

[update] Good news and bad news: the good news is it works! my Power Book gets an ip address of the phone, and can connect. the bad news: I don’t have the Internet working fully. I am connecting to the Vodafone Live connection, which is a kind of walled garden service. the reason is they are doing really cheap Internet at the moment: 99c a day for 50mb, and EUR9.99 for 500Mb a month. You need to use their proxy server though, which is causing problems. I can ping it, and traceroute to it, but for some reason, its not playing ball. Maybe I will play more with this in the morning…

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