Yesterday I mentioned I got a new gadget. Well, actually I mentioned it twice, because last night I posted a post about it, on it. Well, here it is:

HTC Universal / XDA Exec / iMate JasJar

The photo is of the XDA Exec, which is another name for the HTC Universal. Mine is an iMate JasJar, which is the same as the HTC universal. Its a bit complicated, but there all the same (except the o2 XDA Exec, which is in a nice black. mine is a kind of silver gray).

So I got it yesterday, and I love this thing. In the post about the hammer, that photo came from the JasJar’s camera. And the post I made last night was using Opera on the JasJar in full 640X480 resolution, over a Wifi connection.

That’s the party piece of the JasJar: Full VGA screen. I actually, this morning, Remote Desktop’ed into my servers to check something, while on the JasJar! Absolutely perfect!

Now for some developing! :)</p>