Ok. this is a new question for you, which i hope to have an answer to soon. Last week i posted a tip on how to use WSUS with machines that where not on a domain. I want to add my sisters computer to my network to use WSUS for updates, but i dont want her to use my internet connection (she has her own 1Mb Cable modem connection, which does the job. WSUS will be using a local cache of updates, just for speed of distribution). My question is: can i get her computer to use my network only for internal network traffic, and her own internet connection for her internet traffic? i was thinking of giving her a static IP address (my router gives out dynamic IPs) and not giving her the gateway IP address, but i dont know if this works. There will be some tinkering with connections tonight, but if anyone has an idea, drop us a comment! I will post an answer eventually!