A couple of weeks back, I mentioned I wanted to become a better developer. I even blogged about it here. Well, I mentioned this to my manager, and he had some suggestions that I should do to help me become a better developer. one of these was learning the .NET Framework, fully, including knowing what the compiler does to my C# code when I click compile.

I liked this suggestion (by the way, he did just say “Learn a Framework”, not specifically the .NET Framework. but since I work for Microsoft, and target the .NET Framework in 99% of my code (the other 1% being scripts) I think the .NET Framework is a perfect choice…).

Anyway, on the the point of the post. Granville Barnett has posted an article over at Channel 8 (yep, news to me too actually! I knew about Channel 9 (hell I even have a couple of 9 Guys lying around the house and in work) and on10, but where did Channel 8 come from?) about MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language) and explaining why you would learn it, what it does, etc. Very cool.

By the way: Channel 8 is like Channel 9, but more aimed at Students who want to code, connect and create technology (borrowed from their About page). Cool stuff!

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