I just upgraded my phone from “pay as you go” to bill. the reason was mainly

it worked out cheaper for me and also it offered me full internet access, not

just WAP access. Ill explain more below!

I’m with Vodafone Ireland. there call charges for

ready to go, or pay as

you go as its usually called, in the day range from 45c to 64c. its 45c to ring

an other Vodafone phone, and 64c to ring a land line or other network. during the

week day nights it ranges from 13c to 26c and same with weekends. its 13c to

ring Vodafone numbers off peek, 26c to ring all networks off peak, 26c for land

lines during the weeknights and 13c for landlines for weekends. text messages

are 13c all the time. its 2c per kilobyte but only for

WAP. on their bill i get

300min of calls off-peak, worth between .39 and .78 and  i also get 30min

of calls peak, worth between .13.50 and .19.20. I also get 3mb of

GPRSS Data. it costs

me .50: .38 for the calls and .12 for the data. the data would originally cost

me about .60! the total cost would be anywhere between .112.50 and .157.20. it

works out a LOT cheaper for me on bill! only thing I don’t get is text messages.

i probably will use a fair amount of these. that will be extra on the bill. Also

so far today i have used 1mb of the 3mb data i got free. It costs .7 per MB

after the first 3, or 0.7c per kilobyte. Actually, on

their site</p>

here</a> they say its .3 per Mb over the 3mb. they said on the phone that it was

.7. Hmmmm. I’m hoping its only .3! a lot cheaper!