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</b>Movable Type templates tutorial</a> </td>



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If you</p>

still haven’t dived into blogging, or if you want to switch to Movable

Type from some other publishing system, or if you’re running Movable

Type with default templates, be sure to check out Dorothea Salo’s

ongoing series:

  1. </p>

    What’s a Movable Type template?</a>

  2. </p>

    Anatomy of a template</a>

  3. </p>

    Preferences and placeholders</a> </li> </ol>

    To coincide with her series, I’ve compiled a list of


    my Movable Type templates</a> that generate the bulk of this weblog.

    I’ve done the same for the


    Raging Platypus templates</a>, including templates for all those wacky

    metadata files people seem to enjoy so much. (9 syndication formats, no


    Share and enjoy.</td> </tr> </table>

    Hmmmm. looks interesting. could be using something like this for this blog

    sometime soon!