in this article Moshe Bar reviews the G5, new Power Book and Panther. he says the new PowerMac G5 with the Dual 2Gzs is loud! must be a problem with the system cause i have heard this is one of the quitest systems available. i know my workstation is loud, but i can only hear it in a few rooms of the house, not all as Moshe says. anyway, interesting review. im getting closer to the day OSX will be on my machine. the bigest thing thats going to slow it down wont be the CPU i dont think, but the 4200 RPM hdd.i think its 4200RPM. i may have something faster lying around, but if not its going to be slow. should have OSX in the next few weeks! :P [update] OSNews have some modifications on the article. they also mention the fact that it aint as loud as Moshe says it was. i was right. check out the updates after or during reading the article. or what ever.