Right. Lots of phone news.

Samsung Series 60 smartphone slides in silver [Engadget]

Microsoft and Flextronics team up on design for low-cost Windows Mobile handset [Engadget]

Panasonic SA7 and SA6 sport sporty designs [Engadget]

Panasonic’s SC3 and A210 [Engadget]

Linux-based Qtopia phones en route [Engadget]

The E1060, Motorola’s first iTunes phone [Engadget]

SanDisk’s 1GB miniSD card [Engadget]

Motorola’s PEBL V6 [Engadget]

The dirt on the Motorola E1060 [Engadget]

Motorola’s SLVR V8 [Engadget]

The E1120, Motorola’s first three megapixel cameraphone [Engadget]

Motorola’s Special-Edition Black RAZR V3 [Engadget]

Motorola’s A1010 3G smartphone [Engadget]

Nokia and Microsoft get friendly over Windows Media [Engadget]

Sony Ericsson introducing Walkman cellphones [Engadget]

3GSM highlights [Engadget]

Thats all i can find now. Hopefully, thats enough!</p>