I have been thinking a lot about this new EC2 Service from Amazon, and it is VERY cool! the thing about it thats extreamly interesting is price. its fairly cheep, and it can scale well, which is also interesting. i have been thinking numbers over the last few minuites, and here are some of the figures i have come up with:

Single instance acting as a bit torrent server, serving content from Amazon S3:

cost per day (just having the server live for 24 hours) 2.40

bandwidth cost: Depends, but currently at about 20c per Gig, which at full capacity of the 250mb/s network connection, works out at about $527.34 per day!

you are charged for the cost of the S3 storage (for your image, but i dont know how big that actually is).

anyway, very cool stuff, and hopefully i can get into the beta soon! :)