I got an email from Peats about the board. the email is below, and info from them was good. check it out.

Hello Tiernan,

im looking at buying one of the Tyan Tiger MP S2460 boards. I have

looked around the net and found some info, but want to see if you know a

bit more. im looking to see if it will support a normal athlon 1.33Gz

cpu (pre XP, 266FSB).

I checked on that board and it will only take MP chips. I myself thought

it depended on the chip but I checked with one of the other guys here and

that board is MP only. I belive you can run it with one non MP chip in it

but thats it.

Also i would like to find out about the RAM it

takes. does it need ECC / Registered memory to run or will normal DDR

memory work with it? i have 1024mb of DDR memory here and its not

registered. if i dont need registered i could save quite a few quid!!

It will take normal DDR memory, doesn’t need any kind of ECC or registered

memory to work. You’ll deffently save quite a bit if you have some spare


final question. i have a case with 300watt power supply. i got

it from you about 2 years ago now and i was just wondering would it be

powerfull enough to do the job? Im going to be building this as a full

system over time, but im buying the board in about 3 weeks and want to

have it as more then a paperweight for the while before i get chips,

ram, HDDs and a new case. It will be a primary system, and the one its

replacing will be secondary.

I can’t see why not but you’d want to check the max current on the 5v

line. This board needs at least 30A on it, if the PSU has a figure above

30 it should be okay, if its dead on 30A I’d say it could go either way.

Other question. will it post without a floppy drive? chances of me finding

one and actually getting it to work are slim so ill probably leave one out

of the system. anything you can tell me about it would be good. thanks!

Once again I can see why not, you’d just need to change a seeting in the

BIOS so that the board won’t look for a floppy when booting.

You can find bit more information on the board itself at


If you have any more questions just send us a mail and I’ll do my best to

answer them