I am currently sitting in my new mobile office. Well, when i say new, i have had it for the last year and a half, but only now is it being extremly usefull. I am sitting in a 1996 BMW 523i, with my PowerBook, a Vodafone Mobile Broadband USB modem, and my Nokia 6234. The 6234 is paired with the cars bluetooth handsfree kit, and also with the PowerBook. I can make calls though the PowerBook using the OSX address book, and also send text messages the same way. i should also get notified of incomming phone calls. Only thing missing is notification and the ability to read incomming emails. 

This is the true mobile office. Mac Mail is running connecting to my Gmail account, and also my .Mac account, and i have Entourage talking to my work Exchange Server. all traffic is being encrypted over the OpenVPN server, i talked about yesterday, and everything is working grand so far! This is very cool! 

I cant really get a good photo, since i cant really standback and take photos… but this is a very nice place to be. One thing missing is a Windows Laptop (which would allow me to connect to my work network properly) and a power supply for the laptop.So, there you have it. the first post from my mobile office! :)