So, with the advent of 3g data connections, phones with both full qwerty keyboards and decent cameras, nice screens for browsing the internet and more, the idea of being able to blog while on the go is now feasible. There are some problems, but most could be fixed, mainly with software.
So, what’s possible? Well, this post is currently being written on my IMate JasJar. I have a broadband connection (well close enough to broadband: 384k/s 3g) a good web browser that supports tabbed browsing (opera) a nice word processor (word mobile) but there are some issues.
The missing link is currently a good blog posting app. Ideally, it should support uploading of photos to flickr, which would give you the ability to post them in your post. Then, support for tagging though Technoratti. Tagging though community server would be ideal too.
Easy copy paste of URLs would be ideal too. The pocket PC does support this, but I think it has to be enabled some how in the application.
Now all these ideas are easy. And this now gets to the question. Why is it not available? I am thinking of starting this, and if anyone thinks its a good idea, please leave a comment. I may even open the idea on GotDotNet or CodePlex if anyone is interested.
This entire post was done on the JasJar. That explains the lack of links. I will post a comment with links mentioned. Now to start coding!