I am a bit of an Odd sort. I am one of very few people I know who run their own mail servers from home, and of them, I am the only one running an Exchange Server at home. I have been running Exchange 2003 for a good long while now (my mail boxes weigh in at a staggering 4Gb, and I have over 666000 emails in total on the server. because of this, things are getting slow. the machine only has a Hyper threaded Xeon at 2.4Gz and is backed up by about 768mb of RAM. It works, but the machine can sometimes get bogged down (this is the same machine running the web and SQL server for this site.

So, anyway, I started to think about upgrading to an Exchange 2007 Server. MSExchange.org has an article showing you what to do. Firstly, I need a new machine to run this on as Exchange 2007 is X64 only. So, we see how things go. More on that later!