The March 06 CTP of XNA Build has been released. This allows you to do some interesting stuff, and to show off, the Microsoft Game Studios has released the source code to Microsoft MechCommander 2 as a shared code release. This can be built with the help of Visual C++ 2005 and the XNA Build tools. Brian Keller, Product Manager for XNA has info on his blog here. System Requirements for the Build are:

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  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP Service Pack 2


Microsoft Visual C++ 2005
Microsoft MSBuild 2.0
4.5 GB of disk space is required during installation.

I am wondering does this work on Vista / 2003 Server / 64 bit OS? I want to try this on the dual opteron box to see how long it takes to build, but that has Vista, ATM, so we will see…