Right. im having memory problems. my workstation dies every few min and im not happy. i brough back the original DDR memory that was causing problems and i have ordered the DDR i wanted. check here for other info. the order has been processed and i hope its picked up tommorow and send here by friday. im hoping i get it on friday cause i dont want to be without it over the weekend. i have a project due on tuesday and theres a few touch ups to be done for it! ahhhh! anyway, i hope it arrives friday. dont know what im doing to do till then. using my parents computer now. its ok, bit slow (P266, 32mb ram) but its working, unlike my machine (Athlon 1.33gz, 256mb ram now, 1gb memory soon!!!) talk to you after. dont be suprised if i dont post a lot over the next day or so!