I have an 8 port switch on my network and my router, which has a 4 port hub on it. the router is connected to my switch, and then the rest of the 7 ports on the switch are taken up! i maxed out my switch! I know i still have 3 ports on my router, but the router is a non switching hub and can be slow. so, how did i max it out? Well, i have my workstation, main server, mac, mothers machine and sisters machine all taking up one port each, and then i have a new windows 2k server (Athlon 1.3Gz, 128mb ram ATM, getting more soon, 30Gb hdd) with a 10mb net card and a 100mb net card too. im taking the 10mb out and putting in a second 100mb card. i have it here, just need time. so, the coms closet is getting nice and packed. looks like ill be getting more for it soon. need the second cable modem, maybe later in the year, the new dual wan router, about the same time, and i might move to 1000mb/s network connections for servers, but not sure. i have to get a 4 port KVM switch for my workstation, and 2 servers. i could get an other server/workstation later in the year too. i also need to cool my room down!