i got the PDA talking to my PC, i was also trying to get it talking to my mac for internet connection sharing, but that dident work, so now the bluetooth drivers for windows are being downloaded and hopefully i can connect to the network then! i got it talking to my phone too, but its quite slow. going to see if i can get it connecting though HSCSD with the phone. i have a few minutes to use before the end of the month so i might as well use them for internet other then anything else! I have ordered a GPRS option on my account too, its 3mb for the month, but wont go on till my next bill day (March 21). once that goes on i can play! it cost 2c per kb for the first 512k and then 0.5c per kbyte after at the moment for GPRS. the new option give me 3mb for 12EUR, or about 3c per 10k. i think its 2c for 10k after that. so ill probably run up a nice large bill with this! :P anyway, i have photos, but ill upload them later.