Ok. a few days ago i said i was using Mail Enable while my exchange server was off line. Well, a little update. It is really slow when processing large amounts of email. Currently in my inbox, i have roughly 7000 emails. im using IMAP so that when the Exchange server comes back online, i can use somthing file Mail Forward to download the mail from POP3 on the Mail Enable server and forward it via SMTP to the exchange box. well, Outlook Express just keeps timing out when getting email, so i though it might be that. i installed ThunderBird, just to see what it was like, and its still getting a LIST of email after 10 minuites! Thats just the list! not even the actuall messages! If there was ever an incentive to get my mail server back up and running, this is it! i wouldent mind though, but its running on 1) the same machine as the client, 2) running on a dual athlon with 1Gb of ram, and 3) concidering Exchange and MDaemon have no problem with that large an amount of email (well exhcange is enterprise class and i did have nearly 250,000 emails in there, but i had probably closer to the same in MDaemon and it did the job) its a bit annoying to have to wait for just 7000 emails to load.