Lots of Apple announcments! mac mini

First, macmini! Its a bring your own keyboard, monitor and mouse jobie! It has a DVI slot, ethernet, modem, 2XUSB2, firewire and audio. front loading CDR/DVDRom, and costs $499! Specs: 1.25Gz G4, 256mb DDR 2700 Ram, ATI Radeon 9200 with 32MB of DDR SDRAM with AGP 4X support, 40Gb hdd, slot loading combo drive, ethernet, etc. More specs here. It actually looks interesting. hmmm. will this be my new mac?

pod shuffle with gumNext the ipod shuffle. very small! can also act as a USB 2 drive. available in 512 and 1Gb models. $99 for the 512, $149 for the 1Gb. Looks interesting…

Also some software releases. iLife 05 and iWork 05.Cant release get more info about them since apples site is practically slashdotted! :) maybe more later.

[update] engadget article about the macmini and their article about the ipod shuffle.