Apple today has released the replacment to the iBook, the MacBook. this is the baby brother of the MacBook Pro. couple of interesting things:

1) available in black, but will cost you an extra $200, but they will pop in a 80Gb hdd insted of the standard 60Gb (so black paint cost $180 now?).

2) dont think it will run Apetrue. the Graphics card in it is not listed as compatible on the Apeture site, and its the same on as is in the Mac Mini.

3) 13.3″ wide screen. Interesting.

4) 1.83 and 2Gz Core Duos (no Solos).

Also, the MacBook Pros got an upgrade. the 1.83Gz is gone and now a 2Gz is in its place. the original 2Gz is now 2.13Gz. 12″ powerbook has disappeared from apples site, which is interesting. 12″ MacBook Pro on its way?