Ok. i have talked a lot about this before (just search for Mac upgrade G4 on the blog). I said i would upgrade the mac to a 466Mhz G4, i then said i wanted a G4 Emac. i went back and forth for a while, and then siad i setteled on getting a G4 emac. over the last few weeks i have been thinking about a G5 iMac (out tomorrow i think) but i have now changed my mind again and now think an upgrade to the iMac is to be done. Why you may ask. well, the upgrade to the imac is about $250, give or take. depends on if i get a CDR Drive (Extra $150) or not. that will get the mac running @ 466Mhz as a G4. the ifno about the upgrade card is here. I dont use my mac that much and spending a 1000 Euro on it would be silly to say the least! Im thinking of trying to put the guts of it in a Standard ATX Case. this would mean i could get rid of the monitor in it, and also, thinking about it, i could just put in a standard CDR Drive into it. mod the imac cdrom drive into the ATX Case and add a second CDR Drive to the system. Interesting ideas, and more to come later. watch this space!