Available to download from here.

iRiver iFP795 512MB, MP3/WMA/ASF/Ogg, FM-radio

TwinMOS RedRock S21, 512MB, Red Voicerec + LCD + Radio, USB 2.0, Retail

Komplett MP3 Players

MuVo Micro N200

Motion Computing’s thin client M1400TC tablet PC

Intel to bring 64-bit to P4, Celerons in Q2

<a id=_34f4887554c29a7_HomePageDays_DaysList\__ctl0_DayItem_DayList__ctl3_TitleUrl href=”/archive/2005/01/26/10892.aspx”>anandtech reviews the mac mini (and takes it apart!)</a>

<a id=_34f4887554c29a7_HomePageDays_DaysList\__ctl1_DayItem_DayList__ctl0_TitleUrl href=”/archive/2005/01/25/10890.aspx”>iPod Shuffle VS Sandisk MP3</a>